Sportaholic FAQ

What does this app do?

Despite Garmin offering a multitude of activity types, due to differences in their product strategies, the activity types on different models vary significantly, still unable to meet the needs of many users. Hence, Sportaholic was born. Sportaholic offers a carefully designed, clear, and easy-to-read UI interface that resembles native apps. It supports more than ten kinds of sports, including running and walking, racket sports, outdoor activities, indoor activities, etc. We hope to help you enjoy the joy of exercise.

What does Sportaholic mean?

In middle school, I learned an English word - workaholic, meaning a workaholic. The "holic" part can be understood as high work intensity, as well as extreme obsession and love for work. I noticed that many of my friends also fit this feature in terms of sports. They not only have high exercise intensity but also truly love it. It's not just the happiness addicted to dopamine; their research and exploration in improving sports performance also reflect this.

So I took sport + the suffix -aholic to form Sportaholic, meaning sports enthusiasts.

This app looks very similar to the official one. Is it a copy?

This is a very sharp question. I have been trying to maintain consistency with Garmin's native application interaction. The current three pages of the activity page maintain the design concept of the official application. Still, we have implemented this entirely independently using CIQ, while the official application is a native implementation, so the tech stack is different. Aside from the high consistency of the interface, where is the feature of this application? In theory, this app can expand any type of sport by selecting the activity type.

What is our relationship with Garmin?

We are a completely independent development team. Garmin provides a software development platform and helps us distribute software. However, we are not affiliated with the Garmin company, so our intellectual property rights are independent. Since Garmin does not pay us any fees, our software needs to make a profit through paid apps to support subsequent development and maintenance.

How long is the validity of the payment?

We have adopted a subscription system. Subscription fee is 5USD per year.

Are there free and trial periods?

Free download for unlimited trial before August 2023. Afterward, old users need to pay fees, and new users have two trial opportunities.

What types of sports does this app include?

This app currently includes dozens of sports under types such as running and walking, racket sports, outdoor, indoor, etc.

  • Running and Walking
    • Outdoor Running 🏃🏻
    • Treadmill 🏃🏻
    • Walking 🚶
  • Racket Sports
    • Badminton 🏸
    • Table Tennis 🏓
    • Soccer ⚽️
    • Tennis 🎾
  • Driving
    • Car 🚗
  • Outdoors
    • Fishing 🎣
    • Hunting 🐗
  • Indoors
    • Video Games 🎮
    • Making Love
  • Water Sports
    • Surfing 🏄🏻
    • Water Skiing
  • Cycling
    • Bicycle 🚴🏻
    • Electric Bicycle

How to switch activity types?

Garmin has many device models, and the interaction methods are different.

  • For classic five-key devices like Forerunner955, please long press the Up keyboard (middle key on the left) to open the menu, select the activity type, modify the activity
  • VenuSQ series, long press the upper key on the right, open the menu to modify the activity